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Below you will see our current Aqualyx Prices and promotions – do reach out if you have questions – we occasionally have last minute cancellation prices available as well!

August 2022 Aqualyx Prices Amersham

August 2022 LipoFreeze2u Aqualyx Prices Amersham

Why Should You Select Aqualyx?

Aqualyx is a secure and also reputable fat-dissolving shot treatment. It has long-lasting impacts, which suggests you can ultimately eliminate those persistent pockets of fat. 

Aqualyx can be utilized to deal with persistent pockets of fat around the chin, upper body, abdominal area, and upper legs. It’s an effective device for both body sculpting as well as skin tightening

Just infused, the thing promptly begins to function. A non-invasive option to liposuction surgery!

Prices For Individuals Amersham

Small Area
Per Individual
£ 305 Prices From Just
  • Chin, Jowls &
  • £305 Per Session
  • 3 Treatment Sessions
  • £845
Medium Area
Per Individual
£ 405 Prices From Just
  • Upper Arms, Upper Back (bra straps)
  • £405 Per Session
  • 3 Treatment Sessions
  • £1,050
Target Area
Per Individual
£ 455 Prices From Just
  • Lower Upper Stomach Inner Or Outer Thighs
  • £455 Per Session
  • 3 Treatment Sessions
  • £1,300
Large Area
Per Individual
£ 605 Prices From Just
  • Full Stomach
    Full Thighs
  • £605 Per Session
  • 3 Treatment Sessions
  • £1,450
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